Jiro Noguchi

The first impression one gets when meeting this distinguished, quiet Japanese businessman is that he has a great love of life. And it is that love that has brought Jiro Noguchi to Tri-Star Restaurant Group.    

Sixty years ago, Jiro was born in Tokyo to a rather well to do Japanese family. His childhood was a time of traditional teachings and also a time of changing values. Upon finishing high school, Jiro headed to America to continue his education at Michigan State University. Not particularly interested in academic areas, Jiro returned to Japan before finishing his degree. His first job was as a gas station attendant for a family owned business. Continuing his business education, Jiro then entered the white-collar workforce at another family-owned company. Within ten years, he garnered enough business knowledge and expertise to start his own company and quickly amassed a considerable portfolio of real estate investments.    

In the late '80's, Jiro expanded his corporate holdings and started investing in Hawaii. It was during this time that he met the partners of the Harman-Nickolas Restaurant Group. Through his dealings with this established restaurant company, a strong friendship developed between Jiro and the regional president, Aaron Placourakis as well as local partner, Al Souza. It was the friendship of these three extraordinary men and their mutual love of creating and maintaining a standard of excellence in the restaurant business that evolved into Tri-Star Restaurant Group.    

As Chairman of Tri-Star, Jiro is dedicated to the tradition of superior service and high quality food that Sarento's Top of the "I" and Nicholas Nickolas, The Restaurant have long been known for. He is committed to continuing that tradition with the Group's Nick's Fishmarket Maui, Sarento‚Äôs on the Beach and the newly renovated Aaron's atop the Ala Moana. In his own words, "You enjoy your business by cherishing friendship - you enjoy your life."    

A homeowner in Hawaii since 1986, Jiro shares his Kahala residence with his wife of over 20 years, Yumiko. They have one son, Hiroshi. An avid golfer, Jiro is a member of the Waialae Country Club, Mid-Pacific Country Club and Honolulu International Country Club, just to name a few. He also enjoys judo, when he's not enjoying the fine food and wine of his restaurants.